We are dancing atoms of carbon - to paraphrase Primo Levi. Everything has movement, even 'nothing' at a quantum level moves with unimaginable vigor; so by extension, death becomes a different act in the minute, mysterious ballet of life.

In applying contemporary choreographic dance technique and the expressive use of text, I employ a dynamic art form that explores this movement.

How this molecular dance affects our perceptions of time is also something that intrigues; so the use of natural materials to form microscopic installations, infusing tangibility into our increasingly virtual world.

In this context, contemporary practice concerned with particle longevity, transformation and small scale becomes a powerful medium for 21st century artists - to react to human suffering and perceived helplessness.

Questions of value, worth and widely used digital tools used by women in the workplace to subvert and question status and invisability is another area that is increasingly close to my heart.

All this, combined with the symbolic value of widely-perceived debris and ubiquitous natural elements such as sand, wood, ash and earth, provides a conceptual punch to ruffle feathers and induce some thought.

Taking a multi-disciplinary approach, I wish to explore the world through a maturing lens whilst always coming back to this universality of dance as it is both life and death and my starting point.


Born: Hammersmith, London
BA (Hons) Dance from Roehampton Institute, London
Post-graduate 1 year course, Academy Drama School, Whitechapel, London
Theatre work as a performer and choreographer before embarking on visual art in 2007 after private drawing classes conducted in butterfly-infested fields (I have a phobia - it was awful).